Benjamin Wicks, Sous Chef

Benjamin Wicks, Sous Chef - Benjamin Wicks, Sous Chef

Born and raised in uptown New Orleans, Benjamin Wicks is a culinary arts graduate of Delgado Community College and a longtime fixture in the local culinary scene. Over the years, you could have found him working his magic at The Red Room, Brightsen’s, Commander’s Palace, Bayona, and Restaurant August. He was the Chef de Cuisine at “Rio Mar” and the Executive Chef at “The Franklin”.

Ask Ben and he’ll tell you that the most exciting highlight of his career was being the founder, owner and chef of Mahony’s Po’boy Shop. But he’ll also tell you that there was one thing more exciting than having his own restaurant, his daughter Keira! He sold Mahony’s with his family in mind and set out to find a position with support and stability. We’re just so glad he found us.